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Which are best, top or front load machines?

Front load washers are a stylish and are more expensive, but do they save you money? Learn the pros and cons between front load and top load machines.

Top-loading machines are less prone to leakage near the lid/door, because gravity keeps the water in the tub. They are cheaper than front-loaders, but they use more detergent, more water and more energy. Wash cycles are very quick, but the drum capacity is smaller.

Front-loading washing machines have better cleaning performance and efficiency, but they are more expensive and require more care to keep it in good condition. Front loaders tend to have higher spin speeds than top loaders and high spin speeds mean more water is removed from clothes and they come out drier, so front loaders get clothes cleaner and dryer, but take longer. Front load machines average wash cycle is 30 minutes longer.

Most top or front load machines only have a one year warranty, but life expectancy is longer for top-loaders than for front-load models.

How do you decide between front-loader and top-loader, which is better? Check out the infographic below for a comparison.

Front load vs top load washing machines

Front load vs top load washers – Free infographic (download here)

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