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Washing Machine Repair in Hackney

Has your washing machine broken down? If it’s leaking, the door has jammed or the drum is too noisy. You should call in our specialists in washing machine repair in Hackney. Don’t throw out your old machine. In most cases, they can be repaired. To do your bit in tackling landfill pollution and to save money at the same time. You can hire us to mend your machine.

We Repair All Major Brands

Washing machines we repair include:

  • AEG
  • Beko
  • Bosch
  • Candy
  • Hointpoint and Indesit
  • Siemens
  • Neff
  • LG and more.

We Stock Over 5,000 Spare Parts

Our company boasts a supply of over 5,000 spare parts in our extensive warehouse so we can fix almost any washing machine fault. Our engineers carry a supply with them for the most common faults so we may be able to fix your washing machine in just one visit. If the engineer doesn’t have the part you need, we can order it in quickly.

Making appointments for your appliance repair

We Offer Same Day Appointments

If you’re put off repairing your machine by the thought of long waiting times, we offer same day appointments. One of our engineers will visit the same day you call and can repair your washing machine in the comfort of your Hackney home, quickly and efficiently. If the fault requires two visits, you will not be kept waiting long. There is no call out charge for attending your home and just one Fixed Fee for repairs with no hidden, added extras.

You Can Use Evening and Weekend Appointments

We recognise that our customers have busy lives so we offer evening and weekend appointments for washing machine repair in Hackney. You can also choose an appointment time within a two hour slot so you don’t have to wait in for the engineer to call. All our engineers have at least 10 year’s experience so you can be sure of the quality of the repair.

The quality of our service

One Year Warranty

There is a one year warranty on all repairs. If your machine breaks down after repair or parts we have installed fail in less than 12 months, we will repair your washing machine again, completely free of charge. This means you don’t have to worry about future repair bills.


We also service all household electrical appliances like electric cookers and hobs, extraction fans, microwaves, dishwashers, fridges and freezers and washer dryers. Having your appliances regularly serviced will ensure they are working correctly and may prolong their life so you can get more use out of them.

Easy Booking

To book your washing machine repair in Hackney, you can use our easy online booking form or speak to a customer services advisor. We look forward to getting your machine back up and running.

Ocean Washing Machine Repair

Many washing machine repair companies will keep you waiting, play fast and loose with your time, and then conduct a sub-par Ocean washing machine repair. For this reason, many people choose to attempt their own Ocean appliance repair. Please do not do this! It rarely ends well! We promise to arrive quickly, do a good job, and respect your schedule. Most of all, we promise to fix your washing machine if at all possible. Something which is far easier and far less dangerous for us than it is for you! Unless you have considerable experience in Ocean machine repair, then not only could you end up trashing your washing machine and flooding your house, but you could seriously hurt yourself as well. Water and electricity in a broken machine do not make for a particularly safe environment! If you need an Ocean washing machine repair, please call us in. We know what we’re doing, and will come prepared for the dangers!

Ocean Washing Machine

Most of us use our washing machines every day

They’re a major part of our lives, and being without them quickly starts to cause problems. Clean clothes are a modern necessity, and handwashing remains an arduous, long, and ineffective task. Washing machines really are essentials in this day and age. So when they break down, you’ll want them fixed quickly! We will always endeavour to send an engineer round to carry out your Ocean washer repair within 24 hours of your call. We’ll let you know when we’re going to turn up, and keep you informed if it seems likely that we’ll be delayed for any reason. Should a same-day fix prove inconvenient for you, we will let you dictate when it would be best to come round – and try to stick religiously to the time you give us! We know how important your time is, and we have no wish for your Ocean washing machine repair to cause any more disruption to your life than it already has done.

All of our engineers have over ten years each of experience in washing machine repair

They will be able to complete your Ocean appliance repair with ease to a very high standard. They take a pride in what they do. There will be no cut corners, no shoddy workmanship, and no dodgy mechanical ‘solutions’! What is more, there are unlikely to be delays in procuring any parts your Ocean washer repair may require. We have a large and well-stocked warehouse full of easily accessible washing machine parts! If you are in need of an Ocean appliance repair and you think that we may be able to help, call us!

Washing Machine Repair in Hillingdon

If your washing machine has broken down. You will need a quality appliance repair technician to fix your machine quickly and efficiently.

Washing Machine Problems Solved

Our team of fast response technicians can fix nearly all washing machine repairs in Hillingdon, including:

  • Noisy washing machine drums
  • Jammed doors
  • Leakage and no drainage
  • Over filling
  • Faulty electrics – burning smell
  • No power

Our Technician Can Be There The Same Day

As soon as you call you will be assigned your own dedicated repair technician who will visit you on the same day you call. In many cases, we will be able to fix a washing machine in just one visit because a selection of spare parts are carried for most well known washing machines. If the part needed isn’t in stock. We can order it in promptly to get your machine back up and running.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

If you have a busy schedule it can be frustrating to have to take time out and wait all day for an engineer to carry out a washing machine repair in Hillingdon. By choosing our service, you not only get a same day service, you can also choose to have your call out in the evening or during the weekend at no extra cost to you.

No Call Out Charge

We won’t charge you anything for call out so if we need to visit to diagnose your machine fault. But you haven’t yet decided whether you’ll book, we won’t charge you for looking at it.

No Hidden Extras

We don’t over charge our customers and you won’t be surprised by any hidden extras added to your bill for appliance repair in Hillingdon. We have a fixed fee for repair of your appliance. It is usually cheaper to repair your old washing machine rather than buy a new one.

Spare Parts

We have a large supply of spare parts in our warehouse so if the technician isn’t carrying the part your machine needs, we can order it in. There are currently more than 5,000 spare parts available for washing machines such as Hotpoint, Indesit, Beko, Bosch, Creda, Candy, AEG, LG, Whirlpool, Neff and other famous names.

Repair of Other Appliances

We can also service and repair many other household electrical items like your electric cooker and hobs, microwave, washer dryer, tumble dryer and dishwasher. Your technician will make sure that your appliances are working properly. And we’ll give you helpful hints on how to maintain them so that they last for longer.

Booking Your Repair

It’s easy to book your washer repair in Hillingdon. Just call us or use our online booking form to arrange the repair, then sit back and relax while we fix your appliance.

De Dietrich Washing Machine Repair

De Dietrich washing machine repairs can be tricky for some companies. This is largely because spare parts for a De Dietrich washing machine repair can be tough to come by. While the company are doing their best to improve the circulation of spare components within the UK. They can still be difficult to find (and thus rather expensive!). However, this is less of a problem for us than for many of our competitors. We have access to a very large warehouse, full of spare parts. This means that it is easier for our engineers to lay hands on spare De Dietrich parts should your washing machine repair require them. This can usually be accomplished within a few hours. Rather than the days and weeks it may take other engineers to source the components they need!

De Dietrich Washing Machine

We are aware of just how vital a De Dietrich washing machine can be to your daily life

When the laundry routine grinds to a halt, a surprising number of other things do too! What is more, high-performing machines like those made by De Dietrich don’t come cheap. Naturally, therefore, you will want a appliance repair as soon as possible. That’s where we come in. We will do our very best to carry out your De Dietrich washer repair within 24 hours of your contacting us. Depending upon the exact timing of your call. We should be able to get to you on the same day as the breakdown! If this proves inconvenient for you. We won’t do what some other companies do, and insist that you wait around for us to call at our convenience. Rather than forcing you to abandon your commitments and endure frustrating hours waiting for an engineer to arrive.

The easy way to book repairs

We will try to make sure that we call to do your De Dietrich washer repair at the time which is most convenient for you. Your life is already disrupted enough by the need for a De Dietrich machine repair – we have no desire to make that disruption any worse! You can rest assured that your De Dietrich machine repair is in safe hands with us. Not only will we come round as quickly as we can, at a time which is convenient for you, we will also carry out a skilled and knowledgeable De Dietrich appliance repair. All of our engineers have over ten years each of experience in washing machine repair. They know precisely what they are doing, and will bring all of their considerable expertise to bear when carrying out your De Dietrich washing machine repair. Get in contact with us today!

Washing Machine Repair in Merton

We understand there’s never a ‘right’ time for your washing machine to break down but if you need it fixing in a hurry, we are the people to call for any washing machine repair in the Merton area. We have an outstanding reputation for our speedy response and swift repair of household electrical appliances. If your laundry basket is overflowing, your kitchen has flooded or the washing machine has ruined your clothes, we can help you.

We’ll Visit You The Same Day You Call

After you book a Merton based technicians with us, they will attend your home on the same day you call. Depending on the nature of the fault, they may be able to fix it on the same occasion. Our repair technicians carry a selection of spare parts for the common breakdown problems that occur in washing machines. If the part your machine needs is not in stock. We can order it in from our extensive supply of over 5,000 spare parts. We can service most well known brands of washing machine such as Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, AEG, LG, Beko, Bosch, Samsung and more.

Choose The Time of Your Appointment

If you’re out at work or busy with the kids, don’t worry. You can choose a time slot for your washer repair appointment within a two hour block.

Service Your Other Appliances Too

We can repair and service other types of household electrical appliance, too. We can fix your electric cooker and hobs, extraction fan, dishwasher, tumble dryer, washer dryer or freezer. Having these items regularly serviced will keep them running smoothly and may even prolong their life so you get better value on your purchases.

Our Technicians Have Superior Training

All of our technicians have to have at least 10 years of experience working in the repair and maintenance of domestic electrical products. They have their training updated frequently so that they understand new products coming onto the market. By choosing our company to mend your washing machine you know you’ll get a quality service in Merton by someone who has an in depth knowledge of your appliance.

We Are Affordable and Fair

Another reason customers like our service is because we don’t over charge. We never add any hidden extras onto a bill and our prices are fixed. There is just one charge for diagnosis and repair. If unsure, you can call us for an estimate.

We Have An Easy Online Booking Facility

For washing machine repair in Merton, you can book your technician with our user friendly and convenient online appointment system. You can also telephone us if you’d rather speak to someone. We look forward to fixing your machine and are confident you’ll be happy with the service we provide.

Cannon Washing Machine Repair

A washing machine breakdown can be a domestic disaster! If you’ve got a big family – or even if you get through your clothes quickly – it’s not unusual to have the washing machine running every day! As such, a appliance breakdown can throw your entire domestic (and life!) schedule out of whack. If you’re in need of a Cannon washing machine repair, you’ll probably want it to happen sooner rather than later. You’ll want an experienced engineer who’ll be able to do a good job relatively speedily. And you’ll want someone reliable, who won’t disrupt your life by keeping you hanging around. In short, you want to employ one of our engineers.

We are committed to carrying out your Cannon washing machine repair as quickly as we possibly can

In general, we will try our best to get to you within 24 hours of your call. Depending upon precisely when you contact us, this is often on the same day as the breakdown. If, for any reason, we are unable to do your Cannon machine repair on the same day. We will make you our top priority over the following hours. If, for any reason, you are unable to let us carry out your Cannon washer repair on the same day, then we will reschedule for the time which best suits you. Unlike many repair companies, we do not schedule your Cannon appliance repair around our own commitments. Instead, we try to do our work at a time which suits you.

We all know how frustrating it can be to have to clear your schedule and wait for a Cannon appliance repair engineer who never materialises. We don’t want to put you through that. We’ll come at a time which suits you, and we’ll endeavour to be as punctual as we possibly can.

All of our engineers have over a decade each of experience in this field

This means that they’re amply qualified to carry out your Cannon washer repair with the ease which comes from practical knowledge. They know precisely what to expect during a Cannon machine repair, and precisely what these kinds of machines will require to be returned to good working order. What is more, there is no need to wait around for spare parts to be sourced and sent. We have access to a large warehouse, which is well stocked with a great many spare washing machine components. This means that your Cannon washing machine repair will not only be carried out at your own convenience, but quickly and efficiently as well. If you need a Cannon appliance repair, give us a call today!

Washing Machine Repair in Hounslow and Ealing

Has your washing machine broken down? If it has flooded, won’t start, is making a terrible noise or anything else. You need an expert washing machine repair service in Hounslow and Ealing. Our professional service can offer:

  • Professional Repairs on All Your Appliances – such as washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers and electric cookers. We can test your appliances to ensure they are working correctly and give them a clean bill of health. Brand names we fix are not limited to but include Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, Creda, Beko, Bosch, LG, AEG, Siemens and Samsung.
  • Same Day Services Available – We offer appointments on the same day you contact us so you won’t have to use the launderette or spend a lot on servicing washing. We will get your machine up and running in no time so you can trust us with washing machine repair in Hounslow and Ealing. There are also evening and weekend appointments if you have a busy schedule and can’t be at home during the week days. You can choose a specific appointment time within a two hour slot and your assigned engineer can call you to confirm their arrival time.

Fully Guaranteed Work

All work is fully guaranteed. If your machine is still experiencing problems after repair, we will fix it again with no charge. All spare parts that are installed are insured for 12 months so if they fail within the year. We will replace them for you at no cost. This will give you peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of a break down. If a fault cannot be diagnosed, there is no fix, no fee policy for washing machine repair in Hounslow and Ealing.

Fixed Price Promise

If you’re worrying about the cost of repairing your washing machine, rest assured a repair is usually a lot more affordable than having to purchase a new machine. We have one fixed fee for both diagnosis and repair and we never add in any hidden extras so you won’t receive any large and unexpected bills. Depending on the nature of the fault, we may be able to offer you an estimation over the phone. Each customer gets an individual quote because every washing machine repair in Hounslow and Ealing is unique.

Highly Trained Engineers

Our team of engineers have at least 10 years of experience in fixing and maintaining electrical appliances. And they regularly receive updates to their training as new products are introduced to the market. All have a professional and friendly attitude and will undertake a quality repair for your machine.

Convenient Booking Facility 

For appliance repair in Hounslow and Ealing. We have convenient and quick online booking facility or if you prefer to speak to someone. You can book in your repair over the telephone, call 020 3745 7452.

Hoover Washing Machine Repairs 

Hoover are an old, experienced, and well established brand. Known mostly for their pioneering of the vacuum cleaner (still known colloquially as a ‘Hoover’ in Britain!). They also make a wide range of other domestic appliances – including washing machines. Hoover washing machines are a reliable household staple – but they’re not infallible. Sometimes, you may find yourself in need of a Hoover washing machine repair. Hoover appliance repair should never be attempted by someone unqualified to undertake it. For a start, there’s a danger that your machine repair attempt will result in irreparable damage to the appliance. More seriously, however, there is also a risk that you may end up damaging your plumbing, or flooding your floor or – in the worst case scenario – injuring yourself via electrocution.

Hoover Washing Machine

There is also a fire risk associated with unqualified Hoover washing machine repair. It’s always best to get the professionals in to do these things. Many, however, are reluctant to do so as they do not with for the hassle and timewasting which invariably comes with professional Hoover washing machine repair. This is where we come in. We will not only carry out a thoroughly professional and efficient machine repair.

We have the utmost respect for your time

And have no wish to force you to wait around for our engineers to fit you in. Instead, we will let you fit us in, at a time which is convenient for you. No more having to drop everything and hang around for the engineer! We will ensure that your Hoover washer repair occurs when you have time for it. Because we know how crucial your machine is to your domestic routines. We like to carry out Hoover washing machine repairs within 24 hours of being contacted. If this is not possible, however, we will ensure that your Hoover washing machine repair happens only at a time which works for you, and which will not cause too much disruption to your life.

All of our engineers have over ten years of experience in washing machine repair

You can thus rest assured that your Hoover washer repair is in thoroughly safe hands! Not only will our Hoover washing machine repair be quick and convenient for you, it will also be extremely effective, and probably leave your machine in better working order than it was before it broke! Furthermore, we own a large warehouse full of spare parts, reducing the likelihood of your Hoover appliance repair being delayed by the hunt for spares!

Washing Machine Repair in Waltham Forest

If your washing machine has broken down. Our highly skilled engineers will go the extra mile to carry out a washing machine repair in Waltham Forest for you.

Fast and Flexible Appointments

You won’t have to wait days for an appointment when you choose to get your washing machine repaired with us. We offer a fast, same day call out service so your engineer will be on your doorstep in Waltham Forest the same day you call. You can also choose evening and weekend appointments to fit in with your schedule at no extra cost to you. If you need a specific time slot, you can opt for a time within a two hour block and the engineer can call before arrival so you won’t have to wonder where they are.

Fix Many Electrical Appliances

We don’t just repair washing machines. We can also fix tumble dryers, dishwashers, electric cookers, fridge freezers, extractor hoods and more. Regularly servicing your appliances will ensure that they are running smoothly and help prevent future repair bills. Saving you money and bringing you peace of mind.

We Have Over 5,000 Lines of Spare Part Stock

We have thousands of lines of stock for spare parts, in our large warehouse. All of our service and repair engineers also carry a supply of spare parts for the most common break downs. Giving them the opportunity to fix your washing machine on the first occasion. If the part your machine needs, isn’t in stock then we can order it in promptly. Washing machines we supply parts for include Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, Neff, Siemens, Bosch, Beko, Whirlpool, LG, AEG and Samsung. You can be assured we will do our utmost to complete any washing machine repair in Waltham Forest.

We Do Any Repair: Big or Small

Once you book, an engineer will be assigned to you and he will do any repair on your machine, big or small, so whether you’ve accidently blocked the drain or there a more major system fault, they can carry out a washing machine repair in Waltham Forest.

One Year Guarantee

Our repairs are guaranteed. All parts installed are insured for 12 months from the date of installation so if they break down within that time. We will replace them entirely free of charge. If we cannot fix your machine, we have a no fix, no fee policy.

Experienced Repair Engineers

All of the engineers who work with us have had at least 10 years of experience in the profession so you know your appliance is in safe hands. We regularly update training so that our engineers can fix new products that come onto the market. For washing machine repair in Waltham Forest, all you need to do is telephone our customer service representative to arrange your appointment or use our convenient online booking form.

Haier Washing Machine Repair

Haier are a Chinese company and, in common with the general Chinese boom, doing extremely well for themselves. They’re one of the largest domestic appliance manufacturers in the world, with an enormous share of the market. However, they’re not infallible. From time to time, Haier owners will require a Haier washing machine repair. Invariably, this will happen when you least want it to! Should you need a Haier appliance repair, you’ll doubtless want it quickly, and you’ll want it to be effective. Ideally, you’d probably also prefer not to have to put your life on hold while you wait for the engineer carrying out your Haier washing machine repair to get around to you. What you need is us.

Haier Washing Machine

Haier washing machine repairs are not an uncommon phenomenon

While ubiquitous and easily found, Haier domestic appliances are not noted for their reliability. However, the frequency with which our engineers undertake a Haier machine repair considerably ups. Their chances of being able to quickly and successfully diagnose and repair your Haier washer. Each of our engineers has over ten years of experience in washing machine repair. There is little your machine repair can throw at them with which they won’t be able to cope! What is more, our engineers have access to our large warehouse of spare washing machine parts. All too often, Haier appliance repairs are delayed by the need for spare parts to be sourced, sent out, and fitted. Our engineers can often find and fit the relevant parts within a matter of hours, greatly reducing the chances of your Haier machine repair being subject to frustrating delays.

At all times, we will do our utmost to minimize disruption to your life during your repair

For a start, we will always try to send an engineer out to you within 24 hours of your contacting us. We know that if you need a Haier appliance repair, you probably need it quickly! If for any reason it is inconvenient for us to turn up on the same day as the breakdown. And will try our level best to arrange a time which is convenient for you. We see no reason why your Haier washer repair should take more of a toll on your personal schedule than it already has. We don’t want you to have to wait around for your Haier washing machine repair when you could be doing other things. And will therefore do our best to not only arrange a time which suits you, but stick to it religiously! Give us a call today!

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