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Beko Washing Machine Error Codes

Beko Error Codes

Like all appliances, Beko washing machines can break down or have a problem. For Beko’s WMA range, there are a number of error codes that can come up. Here is a breakdown of which each of them means if they come up on your digital display:

Error E1

This means that an NTC error has been detected and there could be a problem with the wiring or the thermistor.

Error E2

Your water is not heating up properly, which will probably require the wiring to be checked.

Error E3

Your machine is heating all the time which could be a sign that there is a problem with the control relay for the heater.

Error E4

This is a problem with the filling of the machine. It could fill and empty without operating normally or it could just be that the door is jammed creating the error. There could be an issue with the water valve itself, the PCB (printed circuit board) or the wiring of your washing machine.

Error E5

This can mean a number of things but usually involves the machine not draining properly and taking too long to go through its cycle or not spinning. There could be blockages or problems with the pump/filter or an issue with the control board.

Error E6

There is a fault with the motor which means that your machine doesn’t complete its cycle or will suddenly jump to the spin cycle. It can mean an issue with the motor mechanism or the wiring, as well as the PCB.

Error E7

A problem with the level sensor can mean the washing machine empties near the start or the program won’t even begin. It can be an issue with the level sensor itself or the wiring attached to it.

Error E8

The washing machine is not filling with water and fills and then drains without doing anything. This can be due to a few problems such as the water valve, a problem with the antiflooding mechanism, the wiring or the PCB.

Error E9

There’s an issue with the door lock which could be the lock itself or the electronics operating it such as the PCB.

Error E10

Another problem with the door which could mean it is jammed. This can also be because the lock is broken or there are issues with the electronics.

Error E11

This is a motor error detection and could be a problem with the motor, PCB or the wiring.

Error E17

This happens if your washing machine detects too much foam and is normally the result of using the wrong detergent. You will have to empty the machine and rinse it through several times to clear the problem.

Error E18

This can happen if you overload your Beko washing machine or have an unbalanced load. It usually comes up during the spin cycle – you need to reload your washing and try the spin cycle again.

Spotting any error can be frustrating but should not be handled yourself if it could be a mechanical or electrical fault – that could void your warranty. You need to contact a qualified washing machine engineer to repair your device.

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