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Beko Washing Machine Troubleshooting

There may be a simple reason why your Beko washing machine isn’t functioning properly which doesn’t require you to call out an engineer to repair. Here’s a quick list of common trouble shooting solutions that can get your washing back on track.

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Your Beko washing machine does not start

If your washing machine doesn’t start, hold the start, pause and cancel buttons down for about three to four seconds. This should reset the machine and allow you to continue. If it does not work you may have to call out an engineer.

The machine is not spinning

If the load in your machine is not distributed properly it can affect the spinning function. This occurs if you have a mix of items in the drum including heavy towels and woollen jumpers as well as lighter items like underwear. This imbalance stops the spin cycle from getting to full speed. The machine will normally attempt to redistribute the load which can take a bit of time.

Another problem with full spin comes when there are only a few items in the machine and this can be solved by adding more to the wash.

Finally, spinning can be impacted if the filter is blocked and you can take this out and give it a rinse to clear any debris.

The water is not emptying out of my Beko washing machine

A problem could be the drain hose – make sure it is extended while not exceeding the max length (check in the manual for this). If this isn’t the problem, it is probably an issue with the filter pump which could be blocked.

  • Find the filter which should be on the right-hand side at the bottom.
  • Open this and take out the filter.
  • Clean it by rinsing under the tap.

Warning: Opening the filter housing can release water. You can use a drain tube to lower the level of water in the drum. You should put a container under the filter to collect any residual water. Opening the filter carefully will ensure that the water doesn’t suddenly come flooding out.

Once you’ve cleaned the filter, ensure that it is replaced properly. In most circumstances, this should solve the issue. If not, you might need to call out an engineer.

There’s a lot of noise or vibration during the spin cycle

This could be an issue with the machine not being level. You can adjust the feet to rectify this – check with your instruction manual to see how you do this.

The machine is not filling with water

The main reason this occurs is if the hose is twisted or blocked in some way. Pull the machine out and make sure there is no problem with the hose. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you will need to call out an engineer.

The machine isn’t rinsing properly

This is normally because the drain pump filter is blocked. Open the cover of the filter on the bottom right side of the machine, careful to collect the water. Open the filter housing carefully to stop water from flooding out and then clean it under the tap. Again, ensure you put the filter back properly before restarting the machine.

Where is the serial number and model number of washing machine?

This should be on silver rating plate which is on the internal rim of the door.

When should I clean the filter on my Beko washing machine?

Ideally, you should give the filter a check every three or four months. It’s there to protect the drain pump and foreign objects could eventually clog up the system.

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