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Beko Washing Machines Overview

Over the last thirty years, Turkish manufacturer Beko has become one of the most popular suppliers of appliances around the world. If you are looking for a reliable washing machine, they offer an attractive range which has value for money at its core.

While you’re not necessarily getting the luxury feel of some other, higher placed brands, like Bosch or Miele, Beko washing machines certainly do the job and you can expect a decent amount of reliability and longevity. For low cost and mid-range buyers, there’s enough choice if you want a machine that is both economical and can handle your washing loads. There’s also the range in capacity that serves families of all sizes.

Manufacturer Beko

Beko Features and Talking Points

We’re looking at the budget end of the market here so you are not going to find all the bells and whistles that other brands come with. You’ll get the basics such as different settings and spin speeds that, to be frank, cover most of what you are going to need. Compared to other brands, you can also pick your size. For big families, the 12 Kg capacity of the larger models is perfect while, for single or smaller households, the 5 Kg is a good option. That doesn’t mean Beko ranges don’t have great functionality, including eco-friendly options that cut down the costs and your environmental impact.

As with most washing machines nowadays, efficiency is a concern, primarily because of current EU standards. The good news is that Beko is up there with some of the best on the market. Expect devices that have an A+ rating as a minimum and a few that even reach up to the top scale A+++. You can also choose their Ecosmart range if you want to make a bigger contribution to saving the planet (and money).

Different features you can find on Beko models are:

  • Steam Therapy
  • Time Delay
  • Duvet Programme
  • Pet Hair Reduction
  • Extra Rinse Function
  • Pro-Inverter Smart Motor

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of value extras to choose from if you need them. Models come in white, silver and black and warranties from 2 years upwards.

Beko Washing Machine Cost

Of course, with a budget range of washing machines, the cost is going to be important and Beko currently offers great value for money. The starting price for their range is £200 but if you want all the best, top of the line Beko features then you can expect to double this. Larger capacity washing machines may cost a little more above that but compare favourably with other, higher grade brands.

Price aside, Beko washing machines are a reliable and easy to maintain choice if you are looking for value for money and good performance. If things do go wrong, repair is a lot simpler and less costly than with some other brands on the market nowadays. They also compete well when it comes to being economical with more than enough functionality to suit most households.

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