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LG Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

There are range of error codes available for LG washing machines which appear on the digital display. These are generally used for the benefit of engineers rather than owners but will give you an idea what the problem is. It’s always important to get a professional for any major repair.

LG washing machine

The common LG washing machine fault error codes are:


The child lock is engaged. If you want to release it, press the temp and eco/rapid button at the same time for about three or four seconds.


This code means that your washing machine has not been able to drain its water.

This can be for a variety of reasons, most usually because there is a blockage – if you cannot find one then the drain pump may be faulty.

If you have a non-digital display this is shown when the 800, 500 and no spin lights start flashing.

Things to check include:

  • The pump filter isn’t blocked or obstructed.
  • The drain hose isn’t blocked, obstructed or kinked so that water can’t flow.

Other issues can be the drain pump filter, the air chamber and pressure sensor hose and the resistance on the drain pump. Connections can also be another issue, as can the drain pump rotor.


The washing machine isn’t filling with water in a timely fashion.

For non-digital machines this is shown when the pre- and main lights flash.

Things to check include:

  • The water supply is switched on.
  • There are no blockages in the air chamber and pressure sensor hose.
  • The water inlet valve is off.

Other problems that may well need the attendance of an engineer are the wiring to water inlet valve is faulty or there is an issue with the water valve resistance. There may also be a problem with the PCB.


This denotes that the door is open or is being detected as open.

This could mean there is a failure with the door locking mechanism, a common fault with many LG washing machines. You should check the door is closed properly first of all. If this isn’t the issue, check the door handle for damage or wear and the safety lock. Another problem could be with the door lock wiring or an issue with the control board.


This code appears when there is an imbalance in the load. An uneven load can stop the spin cycle working properly – while the machine tries to rectify this, it’s not always possible.

On non-digital machines, this is denoted when lights 1 to 6 flash.

  • The solution is to reload the machine and start the spin cycle again.
  • There may be a problem with the balance of the machine if it is on an uneven floor.
  • Small loads often tend to cause UE errors rather than full ones.


This appears when there is a motor fault and can be an issue with the main PCB. An engineer will need to repair the problem. They’ll check the motor and motor tacho, all the connections and the main control module.


This happens when the motor or PCB short circuits. This might be a fault with a machine or it could be something to do with your home electrics. In the washing machine, it could mean a problem with the main control module or the main drive motor or stator.


This can either be a problem similar to DE above or it can be caused by having big loads of washing on the following cycles: perm press, delicates, hand wash, wool and silk.

  • Check you have closed the door properly.
  • Check for damage or wear on the door handle.

If the door safety lock isn’t working it will need to be replaced. This problem can occur because of faulty door lock wiring. It can also mean problems with the rotor assembly, the resistance for the hall sensor or could mean that there is an object trapped that is stopping the rotation of the drum.


This appears when the machine is overfilling, which can happen when you put too much washing in or use excess detergent. It can also mean that there is a problem with the pressure sensor and the machine is filling with too much water.

On non-digital displays this error is highlighted when the lights for synthetic, wool, blanket or pre- and main flash.

You may notice that the washing is foaming too much in which case the machine should be emptied and the cycle started again.

Your engineer may have to check that the air chamber and the pressure switch are working properly. There may also be an issue with the water level sensor or the wiring to both. There could be a problem with the main electronic controller.


This usually means there is either a problem with the water heater, the element or the thermistor.

If you have a non-digital display the lights for 95, 60, 40 and cold will flash.

The main area to check is the heating element and the thermistor or temperature sensor. There may be a problem with the continuity or resistance as well as the wiring and connections.


This is fairly rare and denotes a problem with the pressure sensor or pressure switch that monitors water level.

For non-digital machines the lights for fuzzy, heating and speedy or super, normal and hold flash.

This requires the water level sensor to be checked including the wiring and connections. There may be a problem with the main electronic controller.


This shows if there is a power failure which could mean the power cord isn’t connected properly or that there is a problem with the wiring or connections between the mains radio interface filter and control module. There could also be a problem with the PCB or main control card that power the LED. It can also happen if you have a power cut during a wash.

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