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Samsung Washing Machine Problems and Troubleshooting

Below you will find the common problems and troubleshooting solutions associated with most front-loading Samsung washing machines. Most problems can be handled quite easily with a little know how but if you are unsure you should always get a qualified engineer in to diagnose and fix your machine.

Samsung washing machine

The door is locked and will not open

This usually happens when you are in mid-cycle. You can press the start/pause button to stop the washer. If it’s still going through the heating cycle the door will not open but should disengage a few moments after. If this doesn’t work, then there may be an issue with the door latch itself which will require an engineer.

The water isn’t draining or spinning

This could be for several reasons. First of all, check the drain hoses and make sure they are not blocked or kinked. Check the filter isn’t clogged up with debris. Check your manual for instructions on how to remove and give it a rinse under the kitchen tap. If there is a problem with the drain restriction, you may need to get an engineer in.

Can’t start the washer

This might happen for several reasons. Check that the door is closed properly and your washer is plugged in. Ensure the water faucets are on open and press the start/pause button. If these aren’t the problem then there may be an issue with the fuse – in which case you need to reset the circuit breaker. Any other resolution will need a qualified engineer.

There is no water or not enough water

This could be because the faucets aren’t turned on or the door is not closed properly. If there is a kink or blockage in the inlet hoses, that might stop water getting in. The hose filter screens could also be blocked. If this doesn’t work then try opening and closing the door and pressing the start/pause button again.

The washer has stopped working

Check the power by plugging the cord into a live outlet. Also check the fuse and the circuit breaker on your electrical board. Close and open the door and press the start/pause button. There may be a pause before your washer begins to cycle once it fills. You should always check filters and hoses occasionally to remove any blockages.

Washer is filling up with the wrong water temp

Make sure you have both faucets fully open and your temperature selection is correct. Also make sure the hoses are connected correctly. You should check your hot water tap temperature and make sure that it is not too hot nor too cold. Cleaning the screens on the hoses can help if it is stopping water getting through.

Water is leaking out

There could be several reasons for this. Make sure the door is closed properly and the hose connections are tight. Also check where the drain hose fits into the drainage system. Overloading and using the wrong detergent which cause foaming can also lead to leaking.

At the end of the wash cycle the load is very wet

Putting your wash on a high or extra high spin speed will help to reduce this happening. Small loads tend not to drain too well because the drum is unbalanced and doesn’t spin properly.

There is excessive foaming

This happens when you use the wrong detergent or put too much in. Try using a detergent recommended for your machine.

The detergent stays in the dispenser after the wash cycle

This could be because there is not sufficient water pressure to wash the detergent through – typical for washers installed in high rise flats. Old detergent may also block the dispenser and it might just need a clean out.

The washer is vibrating and noisy when spinning

Check that your washer is on a level surface and follow your manual instructions to adjust if not. Make sure your washer isn’t touching other objects and that you put in a balanced load.

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