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Bosch Washing Machines Overview

Looking to buy a washing machine who need a reliable brand? Bosch certainly fits the bill and is a great choice. Not only are you guaranteed excellent quality across their range but you get just the right kind of usability and stylish design if you opt for this established German company’s products.

They’ve been operating for over a century – so you might expect that Bosch know what they are doing. Their range of washers, dryers, fridges and ovens are one of the most popular product ranges found in London homes.

Bosch washing machines and dryers come in a variety designs and capacities, giving the modern home owner everything they need to get those clothes clean and dry.


The Bosch Series

  • Serie 8: This is the premier series of washing machines from the Bosch line, designed to do everything you could want with user-friendly operation and great reliability.
  • Serie 6: The mid-range models from the company are often first choice with many consumers.
  • Serie 4: If you’re looking for value for money but don’t need the high level of usability the Serie 8 and 6 offer, these are the perfect choice.

Choosing a washing machine for your home generally involves a trade-off between technical innovation and the price you want to pay. You should expect to pick up a Serie 4 for a between £279 and £350 while the luxury Serie 8 model will cost closer to £500-600.

Capacity is always important, of course, particularly if you have a large family. The Bosch range offers between 6 and 8 Kg sizes which suits most modern needs.

Bosch Washing Machine Features

As you might expect from a leading washing machine manufacturer, there are plenty of features included with many of these models.

  • There is the economy setting, called EcoPerfect, that cuts down your impact on the environment and can save you money in the process.
  • The ActiveWater function on some machines helps you save as well, giving users better efficiency.
  • You can reduce the time that it takes to get through each wash cycle with SpeedPerfect.
  • If you have delicate clothes, the Variodrum mode can make sure you get a more ‘sensitive’ wash.
  • Finally, if you have a problem with allergies, then the ECARF approved AllergyPlus setting is invaluable.

Bosch Series Quality

If you buy a Bosch washing machine, you are expecting to get quality, whether you invest in a Serie 4 or 8. All products have good efficiency ratings with some models hitting the A+++ mark. The rest are A+ as standard which is suitable for all households. What consumers also want is longevity. You don’t want to be rushing to the washing machine repair company when a problem occurs – Bosch have a reputation for building quality machines which last the distance.

If you are looking for a series of washing machines that can handle your washing load, the Bosch series are a popular choice. With a price tag varying from the late two hundreds to just over £600, there’s also a model to suit every budget. All models are very solid quality machines that have great functionality, are easy to use and look great once installed.

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