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Which works best: laundry powder or detergent

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how to wash white duvets

How to wash a duvet

Clear instructions on how to wash a duvet Washing our clothes is an everyday activity. For most households, washing their sheets, … Read More

Washing machine vibrations

Washing machine vibrations

How to fix a washing machine that shakes and jumps Years ago, before washing machines were built to be quieter you’d … Read More

Choose a laundry detergent

Laundry Detergent Buying Guide

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Washing Machine Programmes Explained

Useful washing machine programmes If you know what a mangle is, you may well appreciate the evolution of the washing machine. … Read More

Washing Tips & Tricks

Washing Tips & Tricks

10 Essential Laundry Tricks and Tips! Everybody wants to put on clean and neat clothes, but when it comes to washing … Read More

washing temperature

Temperature Guide

Washing Machine Temperature Guide – Should you wash laundry at 30 or 60°C? We are a company that specialises in washing … Read More

Smelly clothes

Smelly Washing

Why does my washing machine smell? In the good old days, our clothes were almost always washed in very hot water. … Read More

How to choose a washing machine

Washing Machine Buying Guide

How to choose a washing machine? As with all household appliances, washers are a big investment. The market is full of … Read More

Am I overloading or under loading my washing machine?

What happens if you overload a washing machine?

Can you break the appliance by overloading it? Can this really be true? The clothes need space for the laundry detergent … Read More

Which are best, top or front load machines

Front load vs top load washers

Which are best, top or front load machines? Front load washers are a stylish and are more expensive, but do they … Read More

History of Washing Machines

History of Washing Machines

Who invented the washing machine? What is the history of washing machines? Learn the facts and download the infographic for free. … Read More

A robot that washes, dries and folds your clothes

Panasonic’s Laundroid washes, dries and folds your clothes

A robot that washes, dries and folds your clothes No one enjoys doing laundry, but in the near future, robots will … Read More

A waterless washer by Xeros

Xeros have developed a “waterless” washer

A “waterless” washer by Xeros. Can you wash your clothes with a cup of water? Yes, and that is something Xerox … Read More

Samsung WW9000 is controlled by your smartphone

Samsung launches the UK’s first Wi-Fi enabled washer

Samsung WW9000 is controlled by your smartphone. The touch screen controlled WW9000 has futuristic styling and is the current flagship model … Read More