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AEG Is Promising To Extend The Life Cycle Of Your Clothing

Extend The Life Cycle Of Your Clothing

As one of the top manufacturers of home appliances, the AEG brand has long been associated with quality equipment as far back as the 19th century. As such, AEG is one of the most trusted and well-known home appliance brands across the world. So when they tell us that their latest line of washers and dryers will extend the life cycles of our clothes, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The brand has announced that its new washer and dryer range – the AEG 9000 series – will be able to dry everything that you wash. As such, that includes delicates, outdoor wear, active wear, silks and even woollen garments. And, as aforementioned, it’s also claiming that it will be able to keep your clothes well-maintained better than any alternatives – meaning that your precious and beloved clothes will last even longer.

We have asked our experts at WM Repair – how did the AEG design team make this possible?

Well, the machines are able to tailor the washing and drying sequence to the needs of your garments. That means it will adjust the water usage, energy consumption levels and even the wash times with every cycle. This is achieved through a number of features. For example, AEG has developed its SoftWater feature that uses a filter to purify and soften water so that it’s gentler on fabrics. It does this through its intelligence ‘ion-exchange water purifying filter’ that transform the harshness of minerals into sodium ions – making the water nice, soft and pure. Additionally, the Okomix tech sees water, detergent and softener pre-mixed to ensure that it gets to every single fibre.

Its SensiDry tech is to ensure both efficiency and effectiveness while drying at lower temperatures – something that will be a requirement when it comes to fabrics that need to be treated with care. The AbsoluteCare feature sees clothes treated with further care thanks to a special drum that has been built with tech to smartly move the drum in different ways depending on the cycle – thus, again, demonstrating AEG’s commitment to treating your clothes right.

Other tech includes the ProSense – a feature to stop fabrics from overdrying – and the innovative steam refresh system that utilises AEG’S previous ProSteam tech. This allows you to refresh your clothes without actually washing them. It does this through the reduction of folds and creates, and by absorbing odours, with a special cycle. This means that you can wear most of your clothes for a second day without having to live with the smells, the creases and the shame of it. Well, we say most of your clothes…

For those with an interest in the 9000 series, you’ll also be glad to hear that the range isn’t just focused on the internals as it’s also rather nice to look at on the outside. The Germanic, sleek style, constructed using high-impact metallic, makes it stand out amongst other washers, dryers and tumble dryers. The 9000 series itself doesn’t feature a tumble dryer, but is instead offers a separate washer and dryer unit – both of which go together quite well.

While the controls don’t look like anything special when compared to other models, they’re said to be rather responsive, clear and easy-to-navigate – which is all you really want from a washer and dryer, right? While the 9000 series sounds like a huge advancement, it’s really more of an ‘evolution’ rather than ‘revolution’. Its predecessor ranges featured some of this technology, such as the 8000 (AbsoluteCare and Okomix), 7000 (ProSteam) and 6000 (ProSense) series’ respectively.

However, the 9000 series brings all of this together – and claims to be the solution to gentle clothes being treated too harshly in the wash and, more importantly, in the dryer. The brand is pitching it as ‘the little black dress guardian’ with a definite emphasis on cleaning and drying clothes as gently as possible. For those who have a lot of garments that they’re too scared to machine wash and dry, or those who have felt the pain of having their clothes ruined by a wash/dry cycle in the past, the 9000 series looks like an excellent buy and another impressive addition to AEG’s already stellar line-up.

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