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AEG Washing Machine Repair

AEG washing machines are setting a very high standard for performance in all aspects of machine washing. Their blend of technological expertise and attention to customer wishes makes an AEG appliance a very competitive choice indeed. Many people come to rely greatly upon their washer – particularly when it performs as well as this – which means it can be something of a crisis when your beloved AEG washing machine needs repairing! But fear not. We can help out with all aspects of AEG appliance repair – even if it’s really fiddly!

AEG washing machine

Independent AEG Appliance Service

We are proud to be the most technologically advanced and up to date independent AEG appliance repair centre in London. We constantly train our engineers in the latest technologies and we can offer:

  • One year guarantee
  • We can repair all models of AEG appliances
  • Same day / next day appointments
  • Local engineers
  • Expert help & information

AEG washing machine repairs can be more complex than many due to the great number of features these machines contain. ÖKOMix technology (the feature which mixes your detergents outside the drum, ensuring even distribution over your clothes) is fantastic for making certain that your clothes get a good, deep, even wash – but it does mean that there are more moving parts than usual to contend with.

AEG appliances are also notable for their incredible efficiency technology. They’ll sense where savings could be made on things like time, water usage, temperature and so on – and automatically adjust themselves accordingly. Fantastic for the planet, fantastic for your bank balance, but a bit of a headache when things start to break down. Don’t worry, though.

Expert AEG washing machine repair

washing machine repairs with one year guarantee Our AEG appliance service can fix all kinds of problems with ease, no matter how complex or novel the technology involved!

There’s a lot which can go wrong with a washer, particularly if (as most households do!) it gets a lot of usage. Washer failures can be an absolute nightmare. Not only is there the water issue to contend with (undrained drums have soaked many a shocked foot!), there’s the logistical nightmare of being unable to have clean clothes when you need them. And your machine will inevitably break down just when you need it the most!

Sure, you can sink-wash in a pinch, but that’s a lot of effort, not nearly so effective as a machine, and the clothes will definitely take far longer to dry than they would have had they been spun in the drum before removal.

The easy way to book an engineer

What you need is for your appliance to be working again, sooner rather than later. That’s where we come in. Our appliance repair experts can usually get to you on the same day that your machine goes down (depending on the timing). If we can’t get to you on the same day, we’ll try to do so within 24 hours. This means that your machine should be up and running again in double quick time!

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