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Washing machine repairs

We provide repair services for all kinds of washing machines. Enjoy a professional service that comes with a 12 month guarantee, affordable pricing and expert engineer services too.

Repair options for all major makes and brands

If you need a washing machine repair for AEG, Beko or Bosch, Hotpoint or Indesit, LG or Samsung, we can help. Our engineers provide effective solutions for all makes and models of domestic appliances.

Find Your Local Engineer

We work with engineers based in your local area and are able to provide quick response times and affordable rates. When possible we offer same day and next day repair services and there are no hidden costs. We pride ourselves in offering simple, clear and transparent pricing and fast and professional repair service.

Don’t wait in all day – use our service and book a two-hour time slot instead. Our engineers will even call you when they’re on their way so you know when to expect them. Every engineer has a fully-loaded van complete with assorted spare parts. Get in touch with us today – we are here to help.

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Check our list of most common washing machine repairs we come across:

  • not spinning
  • not draining
  • not powering on
  • not filling up with water
  • not going into its final cycles
  • stopping mid cycle
  • showing door locked
  • leaking
  • not heating up the water
  • putting holes in your clothes
  • not cleaning clothes properly
  • not taking detergent
  • not starting the cycle
  • reporting a fault code
  • very noisy
  • shaking and vibrating
  • overfilling
  • tripping electrics

5 interesting facts you may not know

  • 2.6 million domestic washing machines per year are sold in the UK
  • In Europe, more households own a washing machine than a car
  • Laundry machines are to be found in about 95% of UK household
  • In 1949, the average price of a laundry machine was about £60 and renting a washing machine was very common
  • Washing machines are one of the most widely used household appliances globally.

Why choose us for services and repairs?

locally based engineersWe are never far away and ready to help

With our network of locally based engineers you can be sure that we are never far away when you need us the most. This means we can guarantee the quickest possible response times.

ExpertWe can respond to any need for repair

We have experts that specialise in jobs of various complexities, from minor repairs to major overhauls, and more. No project is too small or too large for our skilled engineers.

fully equippedFully equipped vans and engineers

We fix 99% of faults on the first visit. Our engineers do not just have the required technical expertise but also come equipped with a variety of tools and necessary spare parts for the job at hand.

We carry out over 50,000 appliance repairs annually with an excellent reputation for completing repairs right first time.

Faults and problems

When a laundry machine breaks it can be a massive inconvenience though often the fault can be something really simple. Some of the most common problems with washing machines include issues with the agitator, drain pump, door seal, and control board.

Problems could be something very simple like a loose object in the drum of the appliance or a clogged filter. Checking the most common problems first might just save calling out a professional unnecessarily. When checking for  faults it is important to turn off the power to the appliance first to avoid any mishaps.

While some minor washing machine repairs can be done by homeowners, many issues require professional repair to ensure safety and proper functioning. Hiring a washing machine repair expert is recommended if the most obvious checks prove to be fruitless.

Why is repair better than replacement

Save money: Repairing your household appliance can significantly cut costs, particularly when considering additional expenses like delivery and installation fees for replacements.

Save time: Opting for repairs means you bypass the time-consuming process of shopping for a new appliance and waiting for it to be delivered.

Help the environment: By repairing and extending the lifespan of your appliance, you reduce waste and minimise your carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the environment.

we repair all models of home appliances

Our fast & reliable repair services‎

Whatever brand of appliance you have, if it has stopped working it doesn’t mean the machine has reached the end of its life. In fact, many fixes can be done quickly and cheaply – and yet to the highest of standards – if you call experienced engineers.

Repairing instead of replacing a broken appliance is a great idea for both your wallet and the environment. Not only does it save you money upfront, but it also reduces waste by keeping items out of landfills. Plus, repairing appliances can often extend their lifespan, giving you more value for your investment.

Our technicians have repaired countless household appliances that are still going strong today. Wear and tear can lead to broken or worn parts that are easy to replace in any make or model.

You are just one call away from receiving help and advice, and you can also arrange for an engineer to visit your property as soon as possible to take a closer look at your appliance.

Call 020 3745 7452 now to book your initial appointment and let’s get started.

installing your new appliance

Our appliance installation service

Need help installing your new appliance? We don't just repair appliances, we also offer professional installations. We offer installation and connection service for new appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, fridge-freezers, hobs, and many more.

When booking our installation service, simply let us know your specific requirements, including the removal of your old appliance. Just let us know, and we’ll take care of everything from start to finish.

Call us today for a free quote or to discuss your requirements.