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Candy Washing Machine Repair

Candy have a long and illustrious history as a company. They were the first to introduce a semi-automatic washing machine with a spinner into production, and have been prominent players in the appliance industry for some decades. However, Candy appliance repair is far from a simple business for some companies. Troubles in the 1980s, and a dubious UK market share means that Candy have never been particularly prominent within the UK. Furthermore, their older models can be tricky for inexperienced engineers to work with. Not so for our engineers.

We are more than capable of conducting an easy and efficient Candy appliance repair. Not even the curiosities that the older Candy models can throw up will phase our engineers! If you need a Candy appliance repair, we will come round as soon as possible, so that you can get your laundry and your domestic life back on track before the lack of a washer starts to make itself felt!

Candy Washing Machine Repair

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Prompt & Efficient Candy Appliance Repair Service

We don’t realise just how important our washers are to us until they break down. If you need an appliance repair, chances are that you need it pretty immediately. With this in mind, we will try our best to carry out your washer repair within 24 hours of your call. If at all possible, we’ll come round on the same day as the breakdown. If this is inconvenient for you, we will endeavour to call around at a time which suits you. Nobody likes having to take time out in order to wait around for engineers who turn up when it suits them. We’ll be as punctual as possible when carrying out your washer repair, and will always let you know just how long we think it’s going to take, so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

The Quality of our Service

washing machine repairs with one year guarantee Candy applaince maintenance can be complicated due to various complexities with the brand. Inexperienced engineers may be confused by the machines, and even those with a bit more working knowledge may struggle to acquire any new parts if needed. Such issues aren’t a problem for us. All of our engineers have over a decade of experience in the field. They’re all well capable of handling anything that a washers repair can throw at them. Depending on the precise nature of the problem, we should be able to do your appliance repair with speed and ease!

What is more, we have access to a large warehouse full of spare components – meaning that we’re usually able to lay hands on anything needed to complete the repair very quickly indeed.

Your Candy washer service is safe with us!

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