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Panasonic laundroid A robot that washes, dries and folds your clothes

No one enjoys doing laundry, but in the near future, robots will help take care of us. Service robots are becoming a common feature in our daily lives already and we can expect to see robots helping us at home soon. The latest laundry robots prototypes from Japan are able to wash, dry and fold your clothes for you.

Panasonic demoed the Laundroid robot that will wash, dry and fold all your clothes at the consumer electronics show in Tokyo. The product of collaboration between Panasonic, Daiwa House (Japan’s largest homebuilder) and Seven Dreamers Laboratories, the Laundroid robot washes, dries and perfectly folds clothes.

The lucky owners can simply throw their laundry inside the robot and just presses one button. The laundroid uses image analysis system to scan each item and recognize familiar patterns such as shirts, shorts, trousers and towels. The developers are currently improving the technology to get the robot to also fold socks.

The manufacturer Panasonic says this robot will change people’s lives and allowing them to spend more free time with family and enjoyable activities.

The new model will be available as of spring 2020 and will probably cost about as much as a small car.

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