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How to choose a washing machine?

As with all household appliances, washers are a big investment. The market is full of many different types and brands and it can be a daunting task to choose the one that is right for you. To help you out, WM Repair Services has put together this guide to buying the right washing machine.

Washing machine buying guide

Washing Machine Type

Fist of all, you need to decide which type of washing machine you want. There are three main types listed below:

Freestanding – Freestanding washers are very common and can be used anywhere that has access to a drain and a plug socket. They tend to have the widest drum capacity range (3kg to 12kg) but don’t always look as nice as integrated washing machines.

Integrated – Integrated washers are commonly installed alongside a new kitchen. They are concealed behind a cupboard door and fit seamlessly into the design of your kitchen. Although less noisy compared to freestanding machines, there is an installation cost.

Semi-integrated – Semi-integrated machines are the least common type. They have a door that covers the front, however, it doesn’t cover the controls.


Capacity, or drum size, is the next factor that you should consider when buying a washing machine. As mentioned, capacity sizes range from 3kg to 12kg and the larger the capacity the larger the load. This being said, it is not always necessary to have a large capacity washing machine. For example, if you live on your own then a small capacity should be fine. However, with a high capacity machine, you can do washes less frequently. This reduces energy bills and the impact on the environment.

When buying a washing machine bigger isn’t always better but overloading a washing machine can shorten its lifespan too.

Spin Speed

Simply put, the faster the spin speed the dryer your clothes will come out of the machine. High spin speeds are ideal for clothes that need a longer drying period, i.e. jeans. They are also good if you don’t have access to an outdoor drying area or tumble dryer. Spin speeds range from 1000rpm to +1600rpm.

Wash programmes

Wash programmes allow you to use your washing machine for different types of materials and applications. For example, most of us have a range of materials that need frequent washing such as woollen clothes, denim, nylon or silk. There are many washing machines available with these setting. Other programmes could include sports wash, babies’ clothes and even hand wash. So, when considering which machine to buy, take a look at the wash programmes they have and ask yourself if they do what you need them to and are the ones featured necessary for you.

Noise Level

There is no getting away from the fact that washing machines make noise. Nowadays, companies offer machines that range from about 45dB to 61dB. If your washing machine is located somewhere quiet, such as the utility room or garage, the noise level might not be too important. However, if your machine is in the main part of the house i.e. near the living room, you might want to consider a quieter model.

Energy Rating

Energy rating is important for two reasons. Firstly, a low energy rating means lower energy costs and secondly, a lower impact on the environment. Energy ratings range from A+++ (the most efficient) to D (least efficient).  Please be aware that energy rating doesn’t necessarily correspond to the price of the washing machine.

We hope that this washing machine buying guide has helped you to understand the factors involved with buying your perfect machine, however, if you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch on 020 3745 7452 where our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to answer your queries.

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