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Waterless washing machine by XerosA “waterless” washer by Xeros.

Can you wash your clothes with a cup of water? Yes, and that is something Xerox did with great success.

The British technology company behind the technology, Xeros, is working on a new washing machine which cleans textiles using polymer beads and just a tiny amount of water.

A laundry revolution

Older top-loading machines used to use 160 litres of water to wash a full load of clothes. The modern washing machine uses 6 -13 litres of water for every kilogram of clothes it cleans on a standard 40-degree wash and Xeros are on a mission to make cleanliness virtually waterless.

At first glance the Xeros washing machine looks like your standard washer, but uses recyclable 3mm long plastic beads. The polymer can be reused for about six months and the system uses 90% less water and 50% less electricity than the ordinary washer. These plastic beads are more absorbent than the water and provide mild mechanical action on the textile, helping to remove the stain. The tiny amount of water is used only as a lubricant in the system.

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