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Offered me a solution to try prior to coming around in case no visit was actually needed. I followed the procedure described and it has worked. No charge was made. Every other repair company was going to charge me for that fix and they didn’t charge me for the consulation and that is pretty impressive to me. Thank you so much.

by Maria Rodriguez (read customer review)

Friendly honest service when machine not economically fixable. Wasn’t worth repairing the washing machine because of age. That is the mark of an honourable man. Keep up the good service.

by Pham Nguyen (read customer review)

I was lost without my washer and I didn’t have anyone close by that could pitch in but were really prompt and helpful. They gave great customer service as well as first class washer repair! I’m a single guy and a bit clueless when it comes to washing machines. In fact I usually take it home for my mum to do lol! Anyway my washer at home started leaking so I needed a washing machine repair company to stop the leak on what was a relatively new model! were very accessible and I felt very confident they would do a good job and not rip me off. They even talked me through how to use the machine once they’d done the repair, lol.

by Michael King (read customer review)

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