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Washing Machine Repair in Haringey

Washing machines and other electrical appliances are an integral part of every day life. But it’s easy to forget how important they are in the running of our homes until a fault occurs and they no longer work.

If your washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer has broken down, rather than spending hundreds on a new one. You should contact our team of experts in washing machine repair in Haringey. For the quickest response we are the people you should call.

We can fix:

  • Excessively noisy washers or tumble dryers
  • Leaking
  • Machines that don’t spin
  • Machines that don’t switch on
  • Blockages and many other problems.

We will deal with any fault, big or small and will come out whether your child has put toys in the washing machine or it has a major parts failure. Whatever the issue, you can rely on our professional service.

Same Day Call Out Service

We won’t pencil in your appointment for a week’s time. A repair technician will visit your home on the same day you call and depending on the fault. Could fix your washer repair in Haringey straight away. We can usually accommodate you if you would like an evening or weekend call out too as we understand that our customers have busy lives and appliance repairs in Haringey occur out of normal working hours.

Affordable Price

You’d be forgiven for thinking that such a fast and flexible response would have a premium price. We have fixed pricing with no added extras so you just pay one price for call out, diagnosis and repair. Letting us carry out your washer repair is usually substantially cheaper than buying a new appliance.

Guaranteed Repairs

One of the best aspects of having your appliance repair done with one of our qualified technicians is that the work will be fully guaranteed for a year. If your machine has a fault after we have repaired it, we will undertake a second repair for free. Any parts installed are insured for 12 months. And if they break down within that period, we will replace them with no charge to you. In this way you know we won’t leave you high and dry.

However, the majority of the time the problem is solved in the first instance and we have a high level of customer satisfaction. All of our technicians have at least 10 years experience in appliance maintenance and repair and achieve consistent results.

Booking Your Repair

For more information about getting your washer repair in Haringey and to discover for yourself how fast, effective and convenient our service is, call our customer service number or use our easy online booking form and let your faulty washing machine be a thing of the past.

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