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Washing and laundry symbols explained

Confused by care labels? The washing symbols are pictograms which represents the method of washing or drying. They can be found on the tags attached to every item made of fabric. Learn the meaning of these symbols.

Washing and laundry symbols – Free infographic (download here)

washing care symbols

Washing Symbols

  • Machine wash, gentle
  • Machine wash, permanent press
  • Machine wash, regular
  • Do not wash
  • Hand wash only
  • Machine wash, gentle, 30 °C
  • Machine wash, permanent press, 30 °C
  • Machine wash, regular, 30 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 40 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 40 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 40 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 40 °C
  • Machine wash, permanent press, 50 °C
  • Machine wash, regular, 50 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 60 °C
  • Machine wash, permanent press, 60 °C
  • Machine wash, regular, 60 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 70 °C
  • Machine wash, permanent press, 70 °C
  • Machine wash, regular, 70 °C
  • Machine wash, gentle, 95 °C
  • Machine wash, permanent press, 95 °C
  • Machine wash, regular, 95 °C
  • Hand wash, 30 °C
  • Hand wash, 40 °C
  • Hand wash, 50 °C

Drying Symbols

  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Tumble dry, normal
  • Tumble dry, normal, low heat
  • Tumble dry, normal, medium heat
  • Tumble dry, normal, high heat
  • Tumble dry, normal, no heat
  • Tumble dry, permanent press
  • Tumble dry, permanent press, low heat
  • Tumble dry, permanent press, medium heat
  • Tumble dry, permanent press, high heat
  • Tumble dry, gentle
  • Tumble dry, gentle, low heat
  • Tumble dry, gentle, medium heat
  • Tumble dry, gentle, high heat
  • Tumble dry, permanent press, no heat
  • Line dry
  • Drip dry
  • Dry flat
  • Dry in shade
  • Do not dry
  • Line dry in shade
  • Drip dry in shade
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Do Not Wring

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