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Washing machine started to smell

Washing machine started to smell

Everyone knows we wash our clothes in order to keep them clean and fresh. People don’t tend to think too much about what goes into their washing machine, assuming that it will deal with dirt and grime and take it away indefinitely. However, even the most robust appliance needs attention in order to keep it performing at its best. If your washer started to smell then it is likely that it requires a good clean out to ensure that it is functioning properly. When washing at 40 °C which most people do then dirt and bacteria build up quickly. Whilst this is all much better for the environment giving a washer that’s started to smell a service wash at a high temperature on a regular basis should keep nasty odours from developing.

Checking your detergent drawer is also something that should be done regularly as this is the place where build up can occur the most. A smell can begin in the drawer and as time goes on it might spread to the rest of the machine and ultimately it could begin to impact on your clothing. To clean your detergent drawer you can remove it completely from the washer and soak in hot water to lift off the detergent and softener residue.

If you wash heavily soiled clothing such as work wear or children’s reusable nappies then carrying out a hot wash every now and again should help keep your machine from smelling. Some modern machines even have a service wash programme and the recommendations on the frequency are likely to be in your user manual. If you have never done a service wash then it might take a few attempts to eradicate the smell completely. After that doing this regularly should keep smells at bay.

When cleaning your machine check the door seal too as dirt and grime can stay there and might be causing the unpleasant aroma. It is also worth checking the standpipe and outside drain to check that is not the reason your washing machine started to smell.

If in any doubt and you think there is another reason your washer started to smell then calling out an engineer to give you a second opinion might be worthwhile. A washing machine repair company like WM Repair Services would be able to give you advice on problems that could cause a smelly machine. We are professional appliance repair technicians and we would be happy to help with problems like a smelly washing machine. We offer a prompt and reliable service and will talk you through the repair details and let you know costs in advance.

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