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Washing machine is leaking from the bottom

Washing machine is leaking from the bottom

A machine can leak heavily or just a few drips. Whatever the pace of the leak, a laundry machine that is leaking from the bottom or anywhere else should be checked over. Even if a washer starts with a slow leak it could easily progress to something more serious which could in turn bring you more problems.

If you notice water gathering under your machine when it is not in use then checking the hose at the rear of the machine is recommended. It could be something simple like a seal that is worn out in the hose or a loose valve – either way carefully investigating the machine at the back should identify whether that is the reason your washer is leaking. A pool of water gathered in front of the machine when it isn’t being used isn’t uncommon and could generally be resolved by tightening up the connections at the back. It could also be worth checking the water pump as a small drip or leak could emit from there too.

A washer may also leak if it is in use. Perhaps the leak is actually occuring all the time but you only notice after the machine is working. Checking the door seal and the filter for any blockages might rule out reasons that a machine is leaking. It’s possible that a machine is worse when it is on a particular washing cycle – for instance a heavy load may cause more leakage as the spin could cause more water to seep out. A longer washing cycle or one that uses more water might also be particular programmes where you notice a leak is present.

A washer that is leaking might also only occur when the washer is in rinse mode. Again checking the machine behind and the hose connections might eliminate any obvious problems that could cause water to leak out.

If the problem persists and there is no obvious cause then it is wise to call out an engineer. No-one wants to experience a big flood so getting on top of the problem quickly is probably a better option for most people. We are a domestic appliance repair company that will tackle most appliances and makes. We are courteous and professional and will keep you informed throughout our service.

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