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Washing machine door won't open

Washing machine door won’t open

With most modern washing machines there is a secure door release that means when the washer is in use the door cannot be opened. This means that whilst the programme is running the washing machine door won’t open. This feature is pretty standard on all washing machines and can be particularly useful if you have small children who might take an interest in the appliance, preventing a disaster if the door were to be opened whilst full of water! Most of the time the washing machine door won’t open whilst the washing is mid cycle and for a few minutes after the washing machine has finished. When the door is released you might hear a small click and the padlock symbol on the digital display will disappear. This means the door can be opened. For the duration of a washing cycle or any programme on the machine the door will remain locked and the symbol displayed. Even if you turn the power off and then turn it back some machines still won’t release the door.

It might be frustrating to find the machine door locked, especially if you forget to place an item in with your load, however it is usually possible to cancel a programme to add something in if you realise soon after the door lock mechanism kicks in. If however, the washer door won’t open after the cycle is complete and there is no other reason for it to not open then you might find yourself with the need for a repair person to fix the door.

The first thing to remember is to not force the door open as this might cost more money to fix in the long run. Check for water that is still in the machine as this could be preventing the door from opening. If there is still water present then the machine will not open in order to protect from water spilling everywhere. If you can drain the water then the door release should activate.

If the programme has finished completely and your washer door locked and you’re sure there is no water inside then turn the machine off at the plug. Leave the machine for a few minutes and when you turn the power back on you should find that the door releases on most occasions.

If you still can’t find a reason for the door not to open especially after consulting the user manual then contact a repair company like WM Repair Services to come and see if they can find the problem. We are experts at dealing with all kinds of repairs and will help you if you find your washer door locked.

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