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What to do if a washing machine is noisy at home?

Washing machine is very noisy

Each and every machine is noisy – even ones that profess to be quiet still emit noise when running through a washing programme. Some points of a washing cycle are louder than others, for instance a machine will make more noise when it is spinning than it will at other times. Over time you get to know your own washer and noise levels so you can usually detect an abnormal noise easily. If the laundry machine is very noisy then it can be a sign of a bigger problem and it shouldn’t be ignored.

More often than not a washer that is very noisy occurs during the spin cycle and one of the most frequent reasons for a noisy washer is the bearing on the drum. If you spin the drum when the machine is empty by hand and you hear a noise then that is the likely reason. A washer-dryer can be very noisy at other times during the cycle but generally it is when spinning.

Replacing the drum bearing is a big job and should only really be tackled by a professional. If they have gone then any time that the drum rotates you will hear this noise. If you identify that as the cause then don’t use the machine until it is fixed as you could well do more harm than good.

When a washer is very noisy then it could be down to a loose object in the drum. Check the drum thoroughly after a wash to check and see if there are any items like a coin that have come out of the washing during the cycle. This might be the culprit and to avoid it happening again make sure you check washing prior to loading in the machine. It’s possible you might see what is making a washer very noisy through the door glass during the cycle. You could cancel the programme to retrieve the item or wait for it to complete. If this item is missing once the drum is opened and isn’t in the washing itself then checking the filter at the front of the machine is a good idea.

Protect your drum bearings by not overloading your appliance as one too many heavy loads could be enough to break the bearings and cause problems with your washer being very noisy.

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