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Washing machine is leaking from the front

Washing machine is leaking from the front

When it comes to a leaky appliance the thing to try and determine is where it is leaking from. Depending on the size of the leak it might be more or less obvious to spot if your machine is leaking from the front. There are a few areas on the front of a washer that it could leak from.

The detergent drawer is one place a laundry machine could leak from the front. If a drawer is blocked or clogged up with detergent residue and general grime then cleaning the drawer thoroughly should clear the leak altogether. Remove the drawer and soak in warm water to get rid of any tough and dried on residue. Repeat this exercise regularly to prevent the problem reoccurring. The other cause of leaking from the detergent drawer is due to high pressure of water coming into the drawer from the machine. If this occurs then turning down the water pressure from the mains could resolve it.

The door seal can leak from the front causing water to spill from the door and likely end up on the floor. To try and stop this happening then checking the door seal for kinks, tears or damage is a good idea. If you find any then replacing the door seal is probably necessary – however you might find that the leak was caused by a trapped item of clothing or other object. Removing that could then stop the washer leaking.

A washer can also leak from the filter – seals can get damaged around the filter and this might cause a leak. Checking this area could eliminate the leak or flag up any seals that might need replacing.

If you find your washer is leaking then WM Repair Services could help you find the cause. If you have dismissed the simple causes of leakage to find something more sinister then we would be delighted to help you with your appliance repair. We are a professional appliance repair company that could quickly and easily identify the cause of your malfunctioning washer. Our staff are fully trained experts in domestic appliance repair and they are familiar with all the causes of leaky machines.

We would be happy to help if your washer is leaking and we will gladly discuss your options over the phone or contact you with a no obligation quote. We are prompt and courteous, committed to great customer service and fixing the problem first time.

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