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Washing machine is not starting

Washing machine is not starting

A machine that is not starting could be a number a faults ranging from something simple to something more serious. The most obvious one to rule out is the machine not starting due to a lack of power. Checking that there hasn’t been a power failure and checking the plug in a different socket are all ways to check that it isn’t something power related.

The next simple test is to check the fuse in the plug of the washer that is not starting – checking the fuse with a continuity test meter or swapping with one you know to work elsewhere might just solve the problem. There could be be a blown fuse or the appliance could have tripped the electrics. Always ensure that you are completely safe from an electric shock prior to checking anything electrical by turning off the mains power or circuit. If the washer has caused the electrics to trip then it could mean a bigger problem with the appliance so it is wise to call in a professional.

If a washer does not start it is worth trying a couple of different settings to try to establish the extent of the problem. For instance the washer might not work on a wash programme but it could still work on a spin option. If this happens then the problem might be down to taking water into the machine.

Checking the washer door is another simple check as more often than not the door might not be closed fully which means the washer won’t start up. There are other cause of a washer not starting which would most definitely require an engineer. Things like a motor or heater problem will all need a professional appliance repairer to attend and diagnose.

We are experts in domestic appliance repair and pride ourselves on our professional service and knowledge of all makes and models. If you are in any doubt over why your washer does not start then you should call on a professional appliance repair company to make sure everything is safe before using the machine again.

Having a broken appliance is a big inconvenience but we try to accommodate our clients around their busy schedule so the chances are we can come out quickly and even the same day if we can. We would be delighted to help anyone with a washer that is not starting and help you resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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