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Washing machine bounces around

Washing machine bounces around

Most people expect their machine to move about and make noises whilst running through a washing programme. However, sometimes a washing machine bounces around to the point of causing concern that something could be wrong. Of course it is normal for a machine to make some movement, particularly when spinning but if a machine is bouncing around too much it is probable that there is a fault of some kind. Identifying a machine that is bouncing around too much early could be crucial in preserving the rest of the machine and its parts.

A common cause of a washer bouncing around is overloading the machine. A washer relies on balance and overloading the machine could easily cause it to be unbalanced and therefore not perform properly. A machine that is not balanced is likely not to spin properly and therefore the machine will be underperforming considerably. Using the washer according to the manufacturers guidance is advisable, especially when loading a machine correctly. Balance may not seem like an issue that is caused easily but it can certainly easily happen if a washer is overloaded frequently. An overloaded and unbalanced machine could ultimately result in the machine not spinning at all.

Many washers have an inbuilt sensor that can detect an overloaded or imbalance. As a consequence of this a machine will either not spin or abort a programme. Often this is mistaken for a fault but actually it is a preventative measure to stop the machine bouncing around or causing further damage to the appliance. In order to achieve a long life out, it is recommended to care for the machine and ensure it is treated in accordance to guidelines.

Like any fault with a washer calling out someone to repair a machine is always an option. A washer that bounces around might not seem like a significant problem or one that happens every time you run the machine but it is worth investigation as it could prevent other problems occurring. We are repair specialists that could remedy a machine that is bouncing around.

We are professional and fully trained engineers and we come equipped with the right tools for the job as well as great customer service. We are reliable and we will always inform you of the cost of repairs before commencing work on your appliance. In many instances we’re able to offer advice that will hopefully stop the problem happening again.

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