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Washing machine is not draining the water

Washing machine is not draining the water

If a washing machine is not draining the water there is a handful of issues it could be. If a machine has stopped working completely and is full of water then it could be something as simple as a power failure. Waiting for the power to come back on or turning it back on if a switch has tripped should be enough to get the machine going again. Once back up and running a washer should continue the programme and ultimately start draining the water again.

If this doesn’t work then it likely to be a blockage somewhere in the water drainage pipe or a failure of the water pump. Check for a blockage first at the plumbing under the sink as this will save you moving the washer around to check at the back. It’s possible there is a blockage in the end of the drainage pipe so checking the end first is a good idea. It is also worth trying to find out if the pump is working or trying to work to try to confirm if that is the reason the washer is not draining the water.

If necessary you can drain the washer manually either at the front via the pump filter or via the drain hose at the rear. It might be possible to clear the blockage to the water pump if you find a sock or other small item of clothing in the filter preventing water from draining. Of course an easy solution to check for certain why a washer is not draining the water is to call an engineer. We are professionals that could help anyone with a machine that is not draining the water.

We are experts in domestic appliance repair of all makes and models. We would be happy to assist with any domestic appliance problem but in particular we could help locate a blockage or issue that is causing a washer to not drain water. As professionals we have high standards of customer service and would happily give you a quote for the work in advance and talk through exactly what needs to happen to fix a machine that isn’t draining. We can also give advice on how to drain the machine yourself or carry this out as part of the overall repair.

A way to prevent a blockage would be to avoid placing very small items in the appliance or using a washing net to keep small items together. There are plenty of nooks and crannies that small socks could disappear into and over time cause problems with the running of the appliance.

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