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Washing machine is stopping mid cycle

Washing machine is stopping mid cycle

A common cause of when a washing machine is stopping mid cycle is a power failure. Check other appliances and lights to see if they have also stopped working and then either wait for the power to return or check the mains fuse box for a tripped switch. If this doesn’t bring about a reason for why the appliance is stopping mid cycle then check the plug and socket. Check the fuse and try the plug in a different power source to eliminate a problem with the plug socket.

Other causes of a washer stopping mid cycle could be due to the cycle being paused – check the display and make sure the pause button hasn’t been pressed accidentally or inadvertently – perhaps by a small child. If it is paused then just press the button again and the programme should re-start.

With a modern machine if it stops mid cycle then there is likely to be an error code on the digital display. Using the error code you should be able to identify the cause by referring to the user manual. If there is a simple fix then the manual will give some guidance on what to do. Failing that a more serious fault or problem may need to be dealt with by an appliance repair person.

If a machine is stopping during the rinse then check there isn’t a problem with the cold water supply. Take note if the machine fills with water or not or if it is not draining the water away. Both these things will be useful to tell the repair engineer.

When looking for a reliable engineer then it is a good idea to make a note of the fault code just in case it doesn’t appear the moment that the technician attends! Describing the fault as well as the approximate time in the programme that the washing machines is stopping. Giving accurate details of what is happening will all help the repair company identify the problem and could save time in the long run.

At WM Repair Services we take the time to understand the fault that has been happening with the washer. Typically when a washer is stopping we will ask questions to determine what the best course of action is. We are appliance repair experts with experience in all makes and types of domestic appliances. We know what makes good customer service and we endeavour to help our customers get their washer back working quickly and at an affordable rate. We will keep you informed every step of the way about your repair.

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