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Washing machine is damaging my clothes

Washing machine is damaging my clothes

Imagine you put your favourite (and most expensive) outfit in your washing machine only to discover at the end of the washing cycle that it was torn or covered in large black stains that weren’t there when it went in. Granted you’d be horrified but there could be an explanation as to why your appliance is damaging clothes. Anyone with a large family or extensive wardrobe knows it’s not really practical to not use a laundry machine, so you’ll want to resolve a washer that is damaging clothes as soon as possible.

The majority of instances when a washer is damaging your clothes it could be down to improper use of the appliance. Overloading is a big cause of problems – having a machine that is too full is bound to cause problems with clothes simply being too tightly packed and rubbing in places they wouldn’t rub if the machine was at a recommended capacity. Washing different kinds of fabrics together in one load is another common cause of damage to clothing. Delicate fabrics shouldn’t be washed together with non delicates especially as zips, chunky buttons or other embellishments to clothes could easily snag or tear clothing. Be sure to separate out clothing that could be easily damaged in this way. Similarly for clothing that is heavily soiled keep that separate too so the stains don’t contaminate clothing that is almost stain free. Protect ultra delicate and important items by placing in a pillow case or opt for a hand wash instead.

Check your washer drum regularly for any lifted parts, dints or holes – also check the drum paddle as any breaks or damage to this could cause damage to clothing. Above all else check your washing prior to loading your appliance. Anything left in pockets like coins or sharp objects could break free and cause tears or holes to other items, particularly during a long washing cycle. It is also better to turn items with zips or buttons inside out before washing so that these items aren’t immediately coming into contact with other clothing during washing.

If you think you have a big problem in the machine itself causing damage to clothing then contacting a professional appliance repair company might be the best course of action. An expert in domestic appliance repair will be much better qualified to identify any problems caused by a washer damaging clothing. Avoid using the machine until they are able to come and view the machine – with WM Repair Services we aim to attend to our customers quickly and we are confident that we can help with most problems.

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